Man looking for my mother!

Man looking for my mother!
 Conventional thinking says that a woman is in a couple of weaker half, requiring care and guardianship. However, this is not always the case. Cases when essentially requires excessive care is just a man. Such a man needs a woman-mother, who this concern gladly give him.

As a child, they often do not take in the company of their peers. At school, they were called "mama's son" or even more offensive "Mamsikov." They have always been with a carefully prepared sandwich mom, they were related to the same mother sweaters and scarves, to celebrate New Year in the company of friends was not lawful for them - to leave my mother? Then they began to show clearly the problems with the girls - the latest was not simple. Appears alone, but soon escapes. From the second the same story. And the third. Is it possible to arrange a personal life for a man?

Really. If you delve into the lives of these men, mama's little boys, it will immediately become visible to one thing in common - they are all brought up in hypertrophied care. They've learned that my mother always wash and iron what it tomorrow to go to work. He even socks search is not necessary. Mom cook, put in a container of his favorite dish to at work he did not have to eat in the office canteen. Temperature 37 2 mom thinks the worst symptom of the disease, but because her favorite boy immediately put to bed in the house zashtorivayutsya windows, they all go on tiptoe. A mother hen meanders over to grab a common cold little boy, bringing him hot tea, pulling the wool socks and pouring the freshest chicken broth.

Sounds awful? Believes that no woman in the world does not want to take the place of the mother and cluck over fallen into her hands treasure? You are wrong! Women who generously paved nature of the maternal instinct - that's who need such a man. And it was a woman, a mother, and they subconsciously seek. That is, in a pair of man will play the role of the child, allowing a woman to take care of it and take care of it, and the "mother" is just a wonderful component of the pair. If both partners do not imeyub against such a balance of power, it can turn a wonderful union. The only question is - will want to ever woman to her big baby grew up?

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