Let's talk to each other compliments

Let's talk to each other compliments
 Man differs from animals not only the structure but also the fact that he can speak, and at best, to think, and then speak. But you can say differently. Some people believe that you need to speak the truth, others are not averse to hear compliments. Let's understand, and whether they are necessary, these same compliments.

What is a compliment? It is believed that this greatly embellished the truth. But the truth is. For example, you go home after a hard day's work. In the hands of the so-kilogram bag at 8. At dinner, food, head emptiness, heaviness in the back. Think, "Well, what kind of life?". Solid fatigue. Hair had escaped from hairstyles, and correct them no strength.

To meet you, neighbor and says, "Oh, it's you so disheveled." Yes, even on your cat will complain. You have already crawling home. Cat you are ready to thrash, and together with him and his son and husband. Here will be an only you ask them! Nothing good in this scenario, as you can see, no.

But if you imagine differently. You barely crawling home. Your hairstyle is poor. Goes to meet a neighbor and says, "Oh, good evening. You have a very interesting hairstyle. This unusual. " And what happens to you? You straightens his shoulders. Wag his head. You almost queen. And you do not carry a bag that pulls your hands. No, you have easy start to soar, and a bag - it's not for the fly away, counterbalance, so to speak.

And then you move with a smile, well, maybe not all over the face, but still with a smile! And entering into the house like a queen. And fluttering at the stove, like a butterfly. And you are born culinary masterpieces. And here and the husband came home from work and took the son from kindergarten. See - you are happy, feel - a delicious dinner. And you tell him a compliment. What a wonderful husband, a son of the garden took. And hear in response that you are beautiful. And all smiles.

How do you like this version of events? But only some embellished the truth, just something a compliment.
Everyone decides to tell him not to talk or compliments. But if they want to listen to, it's probably worth mentioning.

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