Invitation in a cafe, or who pays

Invitation in a cafe, or who pays
 By tradition, the cafe man always pays for a woman. However, this rule does not always work. Depending on the situation, sometimes a woman should be prepared to pay for itself, and possibly pay the entire bill.
 Scenario 1: Business meeting

This is the unique option. In this situation, the initiator pays meeting.

Situation 2. friendly gatherings

If you invite friends in a cafe to celebrate your birthday, engagement, birth or other personal occasion, be prepared to pay the bill for the entire company.

On a normal meeting with friends traditionally pay for everyone, no matter who proposed to see in the cafe. You can ask the waiter to calculate each order individually or split the bill on all equally.

Situation 3. Appointment

On the first date would be logical to offer the young man to share the bill payment, no matter who was the initiator of the meeting. If a man will mind, do not insist and let it pay for you. It's nowhere you do not oblige, even if you do not plan to continue dating.

However, if you invite another unfamiliar young man in a cafe on the first meeting, be prepared to pay for two. You do not know your life position of the satellite. It is not excluded, although it is unlikely that he will ask you to pay the entire bill, once you invite him on a date. Therefore, choose a cafe, where, if necessary, you will be able to pay for both.

If you started dating, let a man take care of you and pay your bills in a cafe. But do not abuse his desire to make you feel relaxed. Do not choose a chic restaurants and do not order expensive meals, unless you know your partner's income.

When long-term relationship you can openly discuss financial matters and decide who will pay for the next dinner. It is normal if sometimes these costs will take the woman. But if your man does not accept that, perhaps, it is not necessary in this case to insist on equality. If you need to split financial responsibilities, take over another article of your joint expenses.

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