How to teach a man to be careful

How to teach a man to be careful
 Many young people sometimes do not notice all the details and the details, preferring to focus their attention on the general terms of a particular case or phenomenon. They may be negligence on the road, work at home, as well as personal contact with my girlfriend. His inattention men often offend women. How to learn to be loved more caring and observant?
 In an effort to teach your loved one to the observation and care, do not forget that it is not logical thinking is arranged in the same way as you. Men are not difficult to guess what your mood, and what actions you expect from him at the moment. They can not be recognized by your facial expression or eye that you are offended or upset. Men's logic assimilates information in verbal form, and then to make operational decisions.

Therefore, as often as possible tell your beloved that you have accumulated in my soul. Tell him about the gestures of attention and care that you would like to receive from him. He will surely make you happy, if you will certainly know what he has to do it. No illusions that it will be able to guess all your desires without clear instructions from your side. Of course, over time it will begin to better understand you on an intuitive level, but it is sometimes necessary to boast a solid number of years of living together.

Also accustom his lover to order in everyday life. This will help him develop pedantry. If you take on absolutely all domestic duties, constantly folding and hanging his things, appropriating all the chaos, formed as a result of his activities, he will never become truly fastidious man.

In addition, develop mindfulness in a man, you can use your own positive example. Usually people adopt basic habits pronounced its second half. Especially, if they realize that they themselves deprived of these skills, and it keeps them in life. So be extremely careful, attentive, observant and caring towards his macho. He certainly appreciate it and will start to change in the desired direction. But be patient. Big changes do not happen in an instant.

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