How to recognize a loser

How to recognize a loser
 I'm sure many of you have paid attention to the people who consider themselves to life losers. They did not have enough money, the attention of others, etc. Live and communicate with people is difficult. To avoid this, it is necessary as soon as possible to recognize a loser. You can do this with certain characteristics.
 The first is attributed to the losers greedy people. They can be found almost everywhere. To determine the miser, pay attention to a person's attitude toward money. In most cases, greedy trying to save absolutely all things. But successful people know that the quality and speed of execution of their claims to be paid. This saves time, nerves and strength.

Ask the person about his work and analyze what he has to say. Most often failures for many years engaged in what is not soul. I'm just scared to decide on a responsible step, the final decision and go in search of a new place. This can also apply to a person's privacy. Often the losers live with unloved people suffering friends and acquaintances, etc. Sometimes it comes to what a man can not get rid of unwanted and old things, stores and stored them.

Another characteristic of a loser - a lack of faith in their own strength. Some possibilities would be opened in front of him nor he himself will create problems that will not allow to achieve this goal.

Loser is just not able to objectively assess their capabilities and to think in the long run. Given the choice, he would give preference to short-term rewards. For example, the loser is ready to spend big money to satisfy their own whims. However, he did not even think about how to invest in a project that could bring him an income in the future.

Beware of people who are constantly comparing themselves and their lives with others. In most cases, the loser loses this "contest" upset and becomes even more miserable. Often, these people are hiding in the virtual world (forums, online games, etc.) where they can feel a part of.

In addition, there are many small things that will help you recognize the loser. Among other things, the refusal of a young man to help his beloved mom or around the house, citing the fact that the washing and cleaning - "not a man's job." Remember that the husband-loser can significantly slow down your life, bringing a disaster.

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