How to prepare for a date

How to prepare for a date
 Waiting for an important meeting people worry often forgetting about the most basic things. And if it's a romantic date with a man, you made some mistakes that are subsequently crossed all your efforts, and will drive the budding relationship to an end.
 Preparing for a date to start with taking a bath. Add the water a few drops of your favorite perfume, sea salt or bubble bath. Turn on your favorite music. Warm water will help you to calm down, relax and bring thoughts in order.

After bathing it is necessary to moisten the skin with a cream or oil for the body, paying special attention to elbows and knees. Restore water balance by drinking a glass of water or tea.

The steam opens the pores and the skin begins to actively absorb the substance. Put the mask, pre-clean the face, using a cleansing milk or lotion. For such cases, suitable mask of white clay - it tightens pores, makes skin texture smooth and evens.

Even if you are in a hurry, be sure to wash your hair. Better a little late for a date, what seem slut. Make curls, clocked locks in curlers or straighten your hair with ironing. You can tie a "ponytail". This hairstyle will open up the face and give your look orderly. Do not make the complex and intricate hairstyles with lots of styling products. Your hair will look like cotton candy. Man that you are unlikely to attract.

Make sure that your arms look carefully, do manicures. If the time to complete the procedure is not enough, remove the remnants of the old varnish, apply a base under nail polish and lubricate hand moisturizer.

Do not neglect the makeup and painted too bright. In the absence of makeup woman looks pale, and with an excess - vulgar. Follow the golden mean. Make-up artists are advised to allocate one thing - or eyes or lips. The main thing - look natural. Emphasize depth look using mascara, lips, apply a balm or gloss natural shade, and cheeks Give a faint blush.

Choosing clothes for a date, be guided by two criteria - the convenience and relevance. Do not overdo it in an effort to impress her man. Do not wear high-heeled shoes and ultrashort skirt, if you previously chose a different style of dress. You will be constrained and unnatural. Your choice on dresses in a classic style or the style of kezhal.

Do not take a date big bag, so you do not think about where to put it. Romantic more suitable clutch. Put there a mini-version of your favorite spirits and mints for fresh breath.

Before leaving the house, put a couple of drops of your favorite perfume to pulsating point (behind the ears, in the upper chest, knee-bend of the elbow) or spray fragrance before him and go into the fragrant cloud.

Behave naturally and friendly, smile, listen to the conversation. Believe me, that on the first date are worried not only women but also men.

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