How to live with a rich man

How to live with a rich man
 In a large number of women grёzah happiness associated with marriage. For whom? Behind the beautiful and rich prince. And it is really easy to live with a man who is incredibly successful in business and provided with all the material things? No, women who dared to take this step, you should know the rules and obey them.

Successful and wealthy person usually thinks himself the master and his own life and the lives of his family. Such a man is often jealous and the owner, so deciding to build a family with him, not immediately negotiate the terms of, for example, unwillingness to give up work, socializing with friends. From the outset, a woman should not allow elect to encroach on their personal freedom.

With this alliance material contribution of each spouse to the family budget, of course, can not be equal. Because of this, the woman often feels unnecessary, useless. You need to push it to myself.

In many ways, the woman helps raise self-esteem and self-actualization motherhood at work. Harmony in this marriage will be only on the condition that the woman, despite sky-high income husband would feel equal and worthy of no less respect for the individual.

To marry a rich man became successful, it is advisable to choose one of the three tactics of behavior in the family.

1. Become the eternal mother. In families with high material prosperity, usually comes a lot of kids. How Come? Because motherhood is a wonderful way for women to stay for a long time indispensable. But still, all children grow up sooner or later.

2. Good move - for a man to become indispensable both at home and at work. For example, to serve as his personal assistant. Of course, a woman must have a certain number of qualities and skills: working capacity, accuracy, punctuality, diplomacy, care and well-groomed appearance.

3. The most difficult and the most happy version of life with a rich man - a business tandem. You can try together to implement a business project. A definite plus - no problems with a starting capital.

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