How to identify emotions gestures

How to identify emotions gestures
 Often, the emotional state of the interlocutor will tell you more of his gestures than words. People are used to control their emotions and not to talk about them, but to hide their non-verbal reactions they fail. Therefore, knowledge of the values ​​of gestures will help you determine what actually feels your interlocutor.  
 Pay attention to the gestures of the interlocutor at the beginning of your meeting, before the dialogue. When he first reached out, his handshake was a little longer than usual - it says about respect companion to you. A sign of respect will also be easy nod. If you have met a few people pay attention to where directed socks shoes you are interested in the person. They point to a person who is currently tells an interesting story or post important information, or to the person to whom the owner of the shoes evinces interest or sympathy.

Pay attention to body language interlocutor in the dialogue process, and you will know what emotion causes a person to your conversation. If a person who is usually a lot of gesturing, sitting without moving, then he fascinated by your words. If your partner taps his fingertips on the table, pulls the handle or lock of hair - he frankly boring, and he wants to talk soon ended. Also, he probably feels mistrust your words. If your opponent is sitting with the cross arm or leg - he is emotionally protected from you, and you'd better change the subject.

If after your conversation a person avoids looking you in the eye, makes monotonous repetitive movements - enumerates beads, combs her hair, he doubts and have not yet received any positive or negative decision. However, if people started glancing toward the exit - guard, he is inclined to disagree with you.

When you finish a call at parting your opponent touches the face - ear, mouth - then he took your words negatively, or not to believe you. If goodbye man patted you on the shoulder - you know, he is experiencing emotional lift. Embrace show positive emotional state and trust, because people lets you into his personal space, and you should appreciate it.

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