How to ask a personal question

How to ask a personal question
 Ask questions - is an important part of communication. In ways, this is the easiest way to find information about each other. And just by asking a personal question, you can steer the conversation in the direction you want.  
 To properly ask about personal, you first need to decide what you want to know and why? This is called internal dialogue. Questions that you ask yourself, organize thoughts and help them better articulate. The accuracy, quality, and most importantly - the sequence of these issues increase the likelihood of a positive result in communication.

Internal dialogue is based on certain rules. At its root is always a problem, for example, "he is not talking about his ex." To disassemble the problem need to ask a number of questions: "Why did he not say? What is so important to me to find out? When will I know that this will change? What tools I use to find it? »

And more details can prepare yourself for a private conversation with serious issues. Assess the facts pertaining to this situation. Deal with their feelings and desires. Find out obstacles that prevent you ask a question. Decide at what point is better to ask about the personal. Well, before you decide on a question, ask yourself again: "It's really important, can I handle this? »

Not all people can easily take candor. That all was not like the interrogation must be soft and discreet. You can go the other way and do not ask a direct question.

You can ask a question, referring to the shared values, such as: "Admit it, it's so cute kids and touching." Thus, expanding the zone of mutual understanding, or you gently "to probe the" world of your partner.

Ask a question about personal and can not hope to get an answer. But since there is an opportunity to get your partner to think in the direction you want. For example: "Why do you think that is it difficult? "Or" How do you feel about that? "So your partner decides what information he can tell. This dialogue will be more difficult, because you can avoid answering or say something in general.

To your question did not arise in a vacuum, it is possible to prepare the ground by asking a few leading questions. But this method may seem very intrusive. For example, "We're with you for a long time together? "" You love me? "" Let's live together? »

Each can soothe your question, confusing, provoke, just hang in the air, or the desire to prevent a partner. In any case, try to make it brief, clear and precise. And most importantly - ask it sincerely. Thus, you increase the likelihood of response to it.

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