How do you know that he fell out of love

How do you know that he fell out of love
 A well-developed female intuition, as a rule, never lets a woman in love and tells her that her fallen out of love. But in addition to this intuition may indicate other important characteristics.
 Your meetings became less frequent, and increasingly they are initiated you, but rather seeks to complete them your lover. Besides, he suddenly quite unexpectedly for you woke up great interest in the work, there was a great love for family, and he became sick a lot - and all this is happening to him just when you want to see him. And the fact that you can take time off from work, sickness cure, and to visit relatives together, now it does not come to mind.

Loved you man stopped you call frequently, although in earlier times its gentle voice on the phone you've heard almost every hour. Now, even when he call you a long and gentle conversation has not - a man all the time, or busy, or is in meetings and gatherings. Of course, he promises to call you back, but the tone of his voice, you gradually begin to realize that this is just a courtesy.

One of the most important signs that you do not like, is the lack of a pair of your physical intimacy - your favorite constantly refuses to have sex with you, which he had not noticed him, and every evening insists that he was very tired and needs sleep. Even if you manage to persuade him and the proximity, it behaves as if it does little interest to the obligation that upsets you more.

Your man began to constantly criticize you, and him you do not like it all now - and your behavior, and clothing style, and ability to cook, although recently he just admired them. Such behavior it should also lead you to believe that your man's feelings to you strongly cooled.

You suddenly began to notice that his plans for the future you have no place, though a few months ago you were vigorously debated, as you will spend the summer in the village at your grandmother, and the approaching holiday abroad. After that, you should not have left in no doubt - most likely, the summer vacation and the closest he will spend longer with you.

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