Habits, to strengthen relations

Habits, to strengthen relations
 Living together is not only a cloudless happiness - is an art teeter on the brink. Destroy the strongest relationship is easy - you need to save up resentment, often irritated, seek a partner defects, etc. Strengthen the relationship and save your marriage will help the general habit or ritual.
 None of the relationships are not without mutual discontent - someone evinces his violent quarrel with the smashing of crockery, someone insults partner insulting words, someone just out of the conversation. Good habit - Assign one day a week, say, Friday night, in order to make each other everything that had accumulated over the week. At this time, you can swear, yell, call names - do whatever you normally do when scandals. Bonus on such days will be tenderness and attention that you surround a partner on the other days of the week.

Know how to put up with. Set your ritual - eat an apple a sign of reconciliation, for example. Finish with a quarrel joint eating an apple - it's too close and keep the number of scandals to a minimum.

Think of symbols that are understandable only to you - "their" language, code words, the special position of the fingers. Give each character decoding and use them to emphasize their community.

Secure collaborative experience. If you have just returned from a romantic trip, then arrange a themed dinner - make it a rule to organize such an evening, whenever you come back from somewhere. This habit will help you smoothly screwed to a normal life, and once again remind the most pleasant situations and events. Keep a small box where you put little things reminding you about the trips - tickets, napkins from restaurants, souvenirs and so on.

Do not hide resentment - Speak them. Sometimes it is difficult to express their grievances words, then please create a special notebook and put it in a prominent place - in any conflict situation, use them and record their wishes there, resentment. Would be great if in addition to complaints, there will declarations of love, gratitude, thoughts.

Sometimes throw a "hooligan" evening - eat in bed, watching movies forbidden, to retire in public areas. Sex in a public place not only make you shake, but will refresh your love life, make it brighter.

The most important habit that will allow you to keep the relationship: remember that once you liked the man for his dignity, you have drawn his character and actions. Every time you want to reproach him for his shortcomings, think about it.

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