Do men take the money?

Do men take the money?
 If you meet with a man, then sooner or later the situation may arise when your partner will offer you a financial aid or money. This is a fairly sensitive issue, the answer to which depends largely on what terms you are with this man. However, here there are several factors that also play an important role. Before taking money from men, you need to decide how you feel about this fact, what commitments are ready to take over.

In Russia traditionally close relationship between man and woman is meant including material and patronage of the men. We have in the order of things when a man pays a joint trip to the cinema or to a restaurant together traveling or on vacation trip. And in the first two cases, it is not even considered something of a Woman binding and does not imply the provision of any service to her.

If you believe that you have to pay for your love and bear some financial responsibility for you, even if you are not married, and then you will not have the slightest doubt that if a man will be solely monetary burden for your joint satisfaction. In this case, you will not be surprised that it will further allocate your money "on the pin" in accordance with their financial capabilities.

In the west, where women gained independence and financial independence much earlier than in Russia, both partners to adhere to the early days of equal treatment and are liable every man for himself. At least before the wedding. This allows you to save the girl to a greater extent their independence and do not feel any obligation to her man, except, perhaps, in moral terms.

According to statistics, more and more girls in Russia prefer to maintain their independence, not demanding money from her partner, but agreeing to accept gifts of generosity which largely depends on their location. In this case you would like to shift the responsibility for the development of your relationship to the man. What style of relationship to choose - you decide.

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