6 most important rules in clarifying the relationship

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 Quarrels are inevitable in our lives. Unfortunately we are in conflict, regardless of our desires. But the explanation of the relationship can be constructive and help us to know each other better.

If you were involved in a quarrel or even an instigator, try to follow the simple rules that will help you come out a winner out of this situation.

1. Do not grieve. In the heat of quarrels arose, we often do not control himself and can tell a story too much. We should not insult his opponent, then you will be ashamed of said hurtful words. In addition, calling his interlocutor insulting words, you hang a label on it boring, mediocrity, failure. Instead clearly specify their claims and focus on them.

2. Do not bring down all in one basket. Very often, starting to sort things out on one issue, we get excited and go into a lot of trouble relatives, bad gift at last birthday, and in general all the insults that have received from your partner. Solve problems step by step, get out of that particular situation because of which the quarrel occurred.

3. Know how to apologize. Take a look at yourself critically, from the side. People tend to blame others for their problems. Itself can always be justified and regret. But be objective, have the courage to admit their mistakes and apologize to their families, if you really are not right.

4. Do not swear on a drunken head. There's nothing disgusting drunken fights. Intoxicated people can not adequately control themselves. You can commit follies, and in addition to the morning hangover experience the feeling of burning shame for yesterday. Just do not start fights, if you decide to relax over a glass, try to hush up the impending strife, nothing good will come anyway.

5. Take time out. No need to shout to blue in the face and beat another service, presented to the wedding. Just step out of the room, rinse with water, take a look at yourself in the mirror. Pause is necessary, even if the quarrel will continue. Calm down, you may be able to resolve the conflict at an early stage.

6. Looking for a compromise. Almost any conflict can be resolved compromise that will suit both. Quarrel - a way to get to know your partner, try to extract out of adversity benefit for both. Do not quarrel and argue, are looking for the best solution. Clarify the relationship and respect each other's opinions and listen to the interlocutor.

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