5 undeservedly forgotten places for sex in any apartment

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 Sexual relations quickly cease to be fun if the process takes place in the same location in the same conditions. There is a feeling that you are performing compulsory labor. However, this can easily be avoided if the time to make a little variety in life. You can do this without even leaving the apartment.

Your home - a real storehouse of places where you can enjoy amorous pastimes. One such unjustly neglected objects for pleasure is a simple washing machine. Even if your bathroom is not is large, you may want to give each other pleasure in these straitened circumstances. However, it should be careful - as a rule, these rooms have stunning acoustic permeability, and is likely the details of your sex life will soon know the whole staircase or even a house - the local gossips not miss the opportunity to gossip about your preferences.

In addition, a new beauty in relationship and adds time pressure, and therefore a place for a second attempt can be a kitchen where this time cooked soup or boiling kettle. In anticipation of the click means that your electrical assistant disconnected, do not waste time and arrange your partner a little excursion into the mysteries fast satisfaction. However, you are risking too carried away and forget about the boiling broth on the stove, but it does not matter. Please attach a soul mate in the process of scrubbing stains, and it quickly turns into a fascinating and even romantic activity.

In some cases, you can try to do sexual games on the windowsill, especially if it is wide enough to get an absolute delight. If this box will seem too hard, scribble pads and take a blanket. Views of the city will make you forget that you are in the apartment. Of course, if you inhabit on the ground floor or in front of your home is located near one, you risk turning his personal life in the entertainment for the uninvited spectators. However, there is some experimentation and innovation.

For those who agree with what candor and extravagance help restore its former enthusiasm, in the apartment there is another undeservedly forgotten place for sexual games - balcony. Regardless of how it is vast and cluttered, you can have fun, enjoying one another.

Fans of preludes certainly agree that we can not overlook and hallway. Try to engage in amorous pastimes literally at the door, helping partners to get rid of outerwear. Tightness room only contribute to your proximity and help each other feel better, and the abundance of details that need to unbutton and untie only escalate the situation.

Finally, testing the above objects and show imagination in search of others, you will find that the best place to enjoy each other - this is what can be called a well-forgotten old: your bed that will give you and your partner are still many mind-blowing nights.

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