3 things that will never give up man

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 You think that you know all about men? Do you actually believe this? Maybe your favorite man knows how to have expired yogurt, likes to sing in the shower and can not stand your mother, but because there is something about what you do not even suspect. For example, there is light at things that a man can not refuse.

Of course, one of the first things that appear in the list of importance for the opposite sex is sex. For men, it is very important because it is through sex, they express their feelings, paradoxically. As being less emotional, men most of the time show external cold and are not able to express the true relationship to the woman he loves, except through sex. Of course, there are exceptions, but it does not mean that sexual contact for these men is less important. Voluntarily give up sex for a normal healthy man, if he does not go to the monastery, it is simply impossible. Think about this the next time you decide to punish her Blessed long sex strike. Maybe he will fulfill your request, and may in fact and go to another, more compliant.

The second overriding masculine quality - independence. Expressed it, by the way, can be very diverse. One is an image of a true macho, decision-making alone and do not listen to other people's advice. Others are involved in active and even aggressive sports associated with the inevitable risk. Thus increasing the level of adrenaline in the blood and prove to themselves that they really steep. Still others allow themselves sometimes to throw all that surrounds them (be it a girlfriend or even family) and rest for a while from all this, the backwoods or fishing. Because a man and the man that makes the decisions himself, risks and value their freedom. There are entities that combine all of these qualities, but these tend to walk by themselves and women are found only occasionally. But even if you got a home and a loving family man who listens to your advice and does not say a word across, believe me, in one form or another is inherent desire for independence and his. In no case do not forbid a man to do things that increase his self-esteem in the eyes of other men and his own. It is best to support him in any such endeavor, in the end, it will benefit both of you.

And the third, but not least - the right to rest. Men, unlike women, have a rest in silence and focus on your own thoughts. He can read a book, play a computer game or watch TV - not to disturb him, annoying stories that have Lyuska at work again new blouse. Even genuinely trying to listen to a man, soon loses interest in women's continuous chatter and gets angry or simply disconnected from the conversation. Men appreciate being able to sit in silence, a break from work or other things and relax some own way. It is not necessary to impose the company or conversation, if you see that a man is not in the spirit and wants to be alone. In any case he will achieve this solitude and silence, but it is much better if it happens without insults and scandals, but calmly and naturally. If so you will definitely want to share something, wait a bit. After resting, the men tend to again acquire the ability to communicate and make it even more happily.
Smart woman always knows what she wants her beloved man and knows how to make sure that he is always there in abundance. A wise woman observes the same rules, but still does not prohibit him that without which it still will not do. Learn to love men for what they are and they are grateful for it put your feet the whole world.

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