Why do I throw?

Why do I throw?
 You are smart and good-looking, but with men you do not add up. Rather added, but not for long. For some reason, what are the reasons? What are you doing wrong?

Not one man will not give you a precise and detailed answer why he dropped you, so after breaking guessing what to do and say is not true. In fact, it's much easier than it seems at first glance.

You will immediately open to him. Men - the hunters, they love to win and achieve, so a woman should be a mystery. It should be unpredictable, that the man did not know what to expect next. A book with a boring and uninteresting plot throw and did not read to the end.

Sometimes the relationship come to naught, because the girl - gray mouse that does not develop either spiritually or morally. One has to be a strong personality - men appreciate it. It is impossible for life to go on one and the jokes and stock phrases, so you need to read more, self-development. The guy never abandon girl only because of its appearance. If he broke the relationship with you, so you do not come to him in spirit. Simply put, you people with different interests.

Strange logic, but sometimes guys throw the girls not to get attached. Men - the stronger sex, but they are also experiencing feelings and emotions. And in some cases they seem to be more vulnerable than girls. And to avoid being thrown to not feel pain, humiliation, they go first. Often we hear that the guy threw a Woman, because she was the stronger love him, attached to him. Nonsense. Any normal person would hate to see in the eyes of another love and adoration? This at least for a healthy self-esteem is useful. A cast, because he did not like, not value, was not interested.

Whatever it was, the reason for separation may be different. You can blame her ex-boyfriend, but try to look inside yourself. Maybe you just are partly blamed for the break.

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