The types of men with whom it is not necessary to communicate

The types of men with whom it is not necessary to communicate
 Female age is short, and spend it on a dead-men does not make sense. Better just to deal with what men never lead you to the altar. And if they lead, do not make happy.

Men, which should be avoided, can be divided into five types.

"Zhenatikom." This type of men usually prospects. Among married adventurers dominated by those who would never abandon his family. Whatever may be said of such admirer, it is better to keep a distance. Otherwise, you risk losing a few years in anticipation of when he will find a way to get a divorce and go to you. Exceptions to this issue are rare.

Alcoholics. Pay attention to his fascination with alcohol. Men are prone to alcohol, try from the first meeting without him can not do. They can not leave unfinished bottle, they are drawn to all parties where there is alcohol. They constantly find an excuse to drink. Whether it is the Miner's Day or Day of the librarian. Cure an alcoholic is not always a virtue, even an experienced physician. And if you want to save it, you can spend a lot of years and left with nothing.

Parasites. This type of men divided into two subspecies - Alfonso and insolent parasite.

The first woman surrounded by affection and care in exchange for wealth, even if it is just living in her apartment or use her car.

The latter tend to what psychologists call "meziginnym behavior." They find a woman weaknesses and put pressure on them to obtain the same benefits. For example, inspire her with a thick (red, high, etc.) will not meet anyone. And that she should be pleased at his condescending attention.

Both of these types of parasites can destroy your self-esteem and relationship with them will develop regardless of you. Once the parasite is richer or more successful lady, he goes from its predecessor. Besides, why do you need a man who is willing to throw you in the first few minutes after a job loss or reduction of the financial status?
Mama's boy. Such men psychologists call "married to my mother." Their emotional bond with her mother so strong that it can turn any woman's life into hell. After his beloved becomes third wheel in their alliance. And either must fully comply capricious and despotic mama. Or in a relationship for a long time she did not stay.

Eternal bachelor. Family values ​​now at issue in both men and women. But there are men who like to be always on the free and lonely. Even if he had an affair with you, it does not lead you to the registry office. And would feel open to new relationships. It makes no sense to force to settle down this bachelor. With it you can spend your time, but hope it is not worth it. And if you feel the desire to start a family, will have to get into a fist and leave.

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