The perfect guy: Dreams and Reality

The perfect guy: Dreams and Reality
 Girls often dream of meeting with a handsome prince, who will meet any and all of their idea of ​​the perfect man. But the meeting of dreams and reality is not always smooth.
 Creating an image of the perfect guy - quite a common thing. The fairer sex often think about with whom they would like to spend my life, twirl whirlwind romance or even see only one night. Creating an ideal in mind, ladies desperately trying to find a suitable candidate for it. But finding him, the girls are disappointed. This happens because the dream burst into reality, it does not always take root.

Caring, gentle and affectionate

These qualities often attributed to the perfect guy. Faced with the candidate suitable for this parameter is ideal, the girls are happy and ready for all manifestations of care and love. However, happiness is quite fast, because the dream burst into reality, and that's what comes out of it: gentle guy ready every second bill and coo with his lover, take care and do it for comfort, whatever it takes. At first it's pretty nice, but after a week constant calls to the question "How are you, dear? "Pats on the head and devoted" puppy "eyes begin to seem strange. And then the girls realize his mistake - ideal must be at least a little masculine.

Intelligent and well-read

About smart young man, who had not ashamed to show to parents, most girls dream. However, there may be a catch. Really clever guys are usually closed and "turned" on something like electronics, chemistry or other object of adoration. Well-read young people abound same phrase book, and often are not interested in reality. Bookworm or computer fanatic eventually destroy the dreams of an ideal.


Wealthy men - an important element of the ideal. In my dreams, Prince appears at least "Jaguar" convertible with "Rolex" on hand and a bouquet of roses one hundred. In fact, the rich guys or spending daddy's money, or have the consistency of hard work, why spend money wisely and even some greed. Another variant of the wealthy - a despot and tyrant, who believes that money can buy everything and everyone. The dream is broken reality is quite painful.


Visual appeal - an important component of the perfect guy, so handsome always in great demand. In reality, most of these beauties are far from perfect mate. They are selfish, have a "complex narcissus" and only allow yourself to love without giving in return for absolutely nothing.

As a result, the conclusion is disappointing - the perfect guy can survive only in the minds of girls. In reality, ideals turn into annoying, weird and unpleasant personalities. Do not chase dreams, wanting to get a handsome prince, a sober assessment of candidates for the hand and heart, choosing the one who best combines the qualities you need, do not cross the border reason.

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