Quarrel over trifles. What to do?

Quarrel over trifles. What to do?
 Quarrel can occur for various reasons. One of the most common - the opposition of others and their opinions, desires, needs and interests. It can also be a divergence of views on the senses.
 Determine the cause of the conflict. Mentally describe brawl that occurred, determine which is why it happened. Listen to the person with whom you fight. Find out the cause of the conflict from his point of view.

To stop quarrel over trifles, offered a compromise. Interests of the people do not always coincide, so you should try to find a third solution to the problem, which will suit both.

Stop fighting, learning to discuss all the issues and to compromise, it will be much easier. But it happens that emotions are literally flooded, so do not allow leisurely ponder the strategy of behavior. If you feel that you can now break for your loved one, try to pull myself together. Breathe slowly and deeply or try to count myself to ten. You calmed down a bit and realize that you need to discuss the problem, as it will give you much more than the cry and recriminations.

If you learn to control your emotions, then a young man like your skill may be missing. If your favorite is easy to start, let him cool his ardor. Can turn the conversation to another topic. When you drop the emotions can more efficiently solve problems.

In order to stop quarreling over trifles with loved ones, learn to switch, not a factory and joke. Psychologists have proved that aggression and humor are incompatible. When you start to laugh, it is not going to quarrel with each other. A calmer, will begin to discuss the situation. Sometimes, instead of jokes you can use tenderness.

In no case do not delay resolution of the problem on the morning of the next day. In the early hours of the people most susceptible to stress - negative emotions may arise again. If you have a "boiling" - not to disrupt, quietly sit in front of the man and told him that annoys you. Thanks to this method of conflict will be resolved without negative emotions.

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