Opposites repel ...

Opposites repel ...
 The popular and well-known thesis that the opposite of love for some reason should be attracted, life does not always prove in practice. It happens that two different people can not get along, despite what would seem to complement each other.

Unfortunately, people with opposing characters is not easy to get used to those who have them strikingly similar. Of course, in a fit of the first senses opposites can be drawn, and how! But as the world has ceased to see the pink from the abundance of feelings, this difference gradually begins to spoil life.

After all, who is it - the opposite? This is primarily people that have different interests. A strong union is possible only where there is a lot of common themes, lessons and character traits.

Time passes, and suddenly you start to realize that with a partner, other than family and life, not something to talk about. After all, what is interesting to you, it is not touching it, and vice versa. In this case, first comes the extinction of the senses, and, as a consequence, comes complete indifference.

It would seem that people tend to change, to borrow something from others, finally, to get involved. Still, psychologists have long proved that the basic character traits are very stable. And even the most unearthly love can not make an introvert extrovert, and melancholic - choleric.

As a result, it turns out that strong and stable will be precisely those couples where the man has found his own kind. They are much easier everyday relationships. And a stable, strong marriage people who think and act in a similar way, can build much faster.

The same applies to the level of intelligence and the individual properties, and age. Alas, it is clear that people of different classes will not have much to talk about when will go out the first sparks of mutual euphoria. Of course, there are happy coincidence.

Yet not in vain has long there are various legends that every person on earth looking for his mate. Somehow, it is the second, most similar half considered the ideal, which can help to create a single perfect whole.

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