Mistakes that women in sex

Mistakes that women in sex
 From mistakes in life no one is immune. The same applies to sex. Small oversights can forget and do not pay attention to them, but serious errors may face significant deterioration of sexual life and sometimes break with your partner.

The idea that all men want sex constantly and under all circumstances - a common misconception. Men just need a prelude, as well as women. They also tend to lack the mood for sex. A rare man like if you want to make love to him during the final match of the World Cup, let alone insult failure he did not understand. Men also do not like to be distracted from the important to their business.

We should also mention the harassment immediately after intercourse. Men usually requires at least half an hour to tune in to the next entry. But do not be surprised if a partner and do not want to continue to love joy. It may well be that he was so tired at work that he did not stand up.

Also in the category of women's mistakes gets excessive modesty, remember that a man loves you for who you are, and he hardly feels the limit of perfection. Attempts to turn off the lights, draw the curtains or wrap yourself with a blanket so that could be seen only the tip of the nose - all this will cause confusion in men only.

The opposite extreme - too bold experiments in sex. Unexpected changes would cause concern among men, and some things for him may be altogether unacceptable. So, if you want to try in bed something such, certainly beforehand ask your partner's attitude to it. You can gently ask him about it. Or do a joint photo film in which these elements are present. Perhaps the man wants to embark on your desires directly during playback.

Another fatal mistake women - an imitation of an orgasm. Usually women go at it with the best intentions, afraid to upset his beloved. But in the end, this behavior can lead to very bad consequences. As a man can appreciate that it gives you pleasure, if you keep pretending? And if he realizes that all these manifestations of sensuality were only in acting, it may permanently lose your credibility.

Misplaced in bed and unnecessary words. If you are short and sensual phrases are usually welcomed, the attempt to discuss during sex buy a new dress a man can be seen as an insult to his dignity. Watch your language.

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