If a man says "love" in the first meeting

If a man says "love" in the first meeting
 Any girl in my dreams saw her prince, who confesses his love for her. Many dream to hear those three words are cherished. When is the right time to say them? Certainly not in your first meeting!

You met two weeks ago. Go to the movies, a coffee shop, your third date takes place at the rink. You are rushing to the music on the ice, and suddenly your partner catches you by the hand and shouted: "I love you! ". How to respond in this situation?

Definitely, it is an occasion guard. Declaration of love - not the words that are scattered. And certainly love - not the feeling which can occur on the third date. Whatever may be said about love at first sight, everyone understands that it does not happen. Flash of passion - possible. But love so quickly arise simply can not. Just because this is not enough time for people to know each other.

It is necessary to distinguish between love and love. Last sense occur on the third date just quite real. But to love grew into love, it takes much more time. People need to learn how to be a friend and then a declaration of love. Over several meetings need to try to understand the character, tastes, preferences of the person. In addition, if a person hides his true face, hiding, say, envy, avarice, or some other unpleasant quality, in this short time you do not recognize. So talking about love is still very, very early.

Unfortunately, men can be their motives recognized you in love in the first meeting. There are girls melt from these cherished three words and sincerely believing them. Think what may want to make a man of you, confessing in love? Are you willing to give it desired? Or should think about his words and hint that it is too early for such recognition?

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