How to win boys

How to win boys
 Every girl wants to know what guys like the most - a formula for the attraction of the opposite sex. But the appeal is made up of many factors both physiological and psychological.
 It is impossible to win someone else, if in doubt in themselves and are not sure of its appeal. Whatever you do not have flaws, it is not necessary to dwell on them - your constant reference to them does not help a pleasant conversation with a guy. It has long been proven that not all men can see your cellulite and nose an inch more perfect. Be one hundred percent confident and smiles broadly - in a good mood is contagious!

Guys appreciate your individuality, difference from clones Barbie dolls. Do not try to be like everyone else. Do not be afraid to express their opinions, speak boldly - a joke, said at the time, will be highly appreciated interlocutor. It's okay if you take the fun phrases from the Internet or entertainment programs. Learn to communicate easily and naturally - you need to do a lot of reading to increase vocabulary.

Take care of your health - energetic and athletic girl always attracts the attention of boys. Plus here is that you can take part in any mobile game - bowling, paintball, volleyball. Do not wear long false nails - this will invalidate a lot of fun and will not increase, thus, attractive to young people. If you sit on the sidelines, afraid something mash, smudge, disheveled, guys will not stand in line to get to know you.

Wear comfortable clothes neat, that will not require constant odergivaniya. Very expensive things may alienate young people, if they are not too rich. Choose popular brands that can not afford many.

Care for your hair and skin. Natural beauty is always attractive, so do not get carried away screaming bright makeup. Mascara, peach blush, lip gloss soft pink color and transparency powder - that's all you need for a girls dream. Haircuts or long hair, curls or smooth perfectly straight locks - all equally delicious, if hair is clean and smells good.

Perfume choose with care - sharp heavy odors are more likely to annoy the guys than attract them. Take a light floral fragrance and apply two drops on the wrist. You can not use the toilet water and spirits - the smell of clean skin brings the opposite sex crazy.

Do not go with a frown, smile more often and to win not only the boys, but the whole world.

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