How to start a relationship at work

How to start a relationship at work
 Office romances are almost inevitable when you consider how much time people spend at work. With colleagues communication often turns out more dense and frequent than with relatives. Common interests and joint actions reinforce voznikschuyu sympathy.
 If you are not seriously interested staff, and you have decided to get to know him better, weigh the "pros" and "cons". Think about what is required to alert colleagues suspect something if you make a careless attitudes or words in the workplace. Of course, if your relationship ends in marriage, the gossip will not do much harm. However, if one of you is married relationship or for some reason, spoiled, are you ready to be the subject of office gossip?

If you decide that a man is worth all these troubles, try to interest him gently. The easiest way to do it, to help it to work. Of course, at the same time it should not feel Ivan the Fool who protect the queen. You can, for example, say, "Oh, I myself with this problem suffered so much, then here is a way to find solutions ..."

If a man understands the issue better, ask him for help themselves. Just do not stick Fold, robbing him during working hours, or risk causing irritation of his slow-witted and persistence. You can ask for advice in the problem, which themselves are good and bad, to surprise them with your wit. Do not forget to compliment his pedagogical talent and extraordinary competence.

Get it unobtrusively about his personal life. For example, if the desktop background he is worth some picturesque landscape, ask whether he was shot, and this kind of where I found this beauty. Turn the conversation to his hobbies. Well, if they have any common - you can share the experience. If not, picture a deep interest in and to ask in detail about the man his hobby. Do not forget to further interest in its success in this field.

In turn, try to talk about their hobby with humor and fun. Make it clear that you have a bright and interesting life and wonderful friends. It is important that in this case he did not get the impression your availability and promiscuity. A man must feel like a hunter. The greater the force spent on production, so it is desirable and more valuable.

If your relationship went on stage familiarity, from time to time surprised him with their talents - for example, were treated to homemade cakes. Notice how it behaves when a man if he willingly eats your food, but he does not know to buy you ice cream or chocolate, then either you are doing something wrong, or man - mercantile miser.

Corporate events - a good opportunity to add warmth in the relationship. However, do not try to force things - man should consider himself initiated the vicinity. To whet his interest, you can use the method of long glance met his eyes, do not look away immediately, but hold on a man's face, smiling slightly. Synchronize while your movements: simultaneously take place and glass, change posture, etc.

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