How to get rid of rivals and become the only

How to get rid of rivals and become the only
 As they say romance, life is boring without competition. Pragmatists, in contrast, argue that the competition - it's just a waste of resources and unnecessary force. Cynics and did nothing. As much as we might wish, but the rivalry manifests itself in virtually every area of ​​our lives, often in love. Although it takes almost the same everywhere: in business, in love, in that sport.  

How to get rid of your opponent?

If your opponent appears a man, he tries to captivate the girl that you like, which you have already begun to occur, the first thing you need to collect my thoughts and forces. Start with the basic instincts. Show that you have a high social status, and he's just a coward. Show off your connection, you can not all. Adjust to the girl I saw you in a reputable group of people, you can even on this occasion to invite her on a visit to one of your friends.

If you are strong physically, then that's great. Shine mind and body - it is always helpful. Do not use in the presence of girls usually send, duty phrases. Duty phrase - it's like strong muscles, they are useful to have, but use is not always necessary.

Brag to his rival public recognition. Try to invite the girl to walk exactly where you know and respect, say only good things, etc.

Rival-man can take away the girls one by one and consider it something of a hobby. He too lazy to use several tactics, and he chooses what is easier. He can go on the bases and forgeries, but it is not necessary to use its methods, it is not necessary to immediately retaliate. You will find yourself the only man himself near his girlfriend, if you use all of these methods. It is necessary to gradually show the girl that you smarter, stronger, and you are the one that she needs. Mudra is the revenge that lasts a long time. And you will win instead of revenge. The victory over a weak opponent.

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