How to fall in love with a spouse

How to fall in love with a spouse
 Sociologists have shown that violent passion in most cases turns into affection, mutual or habit. This usually happens after the first 3-5 years of life. But knowing some tricks, you can easily re-fall in love with her husband.

Over time, any passion cools down. Look at the fire, if the fire is not supported, it will go out. Love it and passes. But you can love again, "Kindle." Is it possible to re-experience all the emotions and feelings that are so inspired at the beginning of a relationship?

The first thing to do is to remove from the bedroom all the extra devices. Researchers concluded that the presence of the bedroom TV, laptop, etc. does not contribute to the favorable development of family relations.

In order to revive the old passionate relationship, think of something new. Sooner or later, almost all annoying! Even a romantic evening can turn into a routine, if every time they will be held to the same scenario. Diversify your leisure. Bring in your relationship fresh points: come together on any master class, visit a concert or party. Try to find as many activities that you can do together. Sign up for fitness, think about repairing, quit smoking. The main thing that you were both interested in the case. Support each other. Contemplation result of joint activities brought together much you and awaken feelings in the heart of her husband.

Try to jointly identify and eliminate the cause for which your husband he was parted from you. Maybe you have less to communicate or his increased workload. Try to gently remind him of himself and do little surprises. For example, if he was not home, he was pleased to write sms that do not require a response. On the one hand, it does not distract from the cases, and on the other - will appreciate.

Work out. According to statistics, married women are more likely to be overweight. Men like eyes. If you take care of yourself and look good, the chances of a renewed sense of strong increase. Do not forget about the clothes. For example, a beautiful red dress exactly catch the eye of the man she loved. Surprise raduyte and her husband, that he is proud of you.

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