How to establish a relationship with a man

How to establish a relationship with a man
 According to psychologists, men and women "speak different languages" and often do not understand each other, because nature made them different in many respects. John Gray even devoted a book called "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus." And yet, to establish and maintain relationships need to, because in this - the foundation of life.
 For men, it is important that the woman saw him as a hero. If a man takes up some business, you can not interfere with their advice or sneer at his abilities - a sure way to ruin the relationship. You just need to say, "What are you done that try to do everything yourself! I admire you! ". You can be sure that the man will appreciate your kind words, and along with you as an unusual woman.

As for the criticism and rejection, between you and their partner should be as small as possible. Habit to scold the man who appears in some women, can negate any feelings, turning them into anger.

On the contrary, always looking for an excuse for a sincere compliment. Tell how good they fried eggs, how cool that he took the time to accompany you, what he came up with a good way to invest money and on and on.

It is important to know yourself and price. Man flattered him when going crazy shy, restive woman who just turns into a near-silly baby. So he had the impression that he conquered and tamed you, and therefore, he is a smart, strong and, in general, the best.

Even if you manage important business accounts for you, woman, do not cease to support a man feeling that the chief did it. Great advice to him, asking for help.

Avoid tantrums. Men they can not stand and are lost in such cases, not knowing what to do. Of despair and can just walk away, slamming the door. Communicate with a man calmly as possible, stay balanced. If you are experiencing positive emotions - share them. When inside the boiling resentment, anger, expressing them as delicately as possible. It is better to say "I am very sorry ..." rather than "You hurt me ...". Try to explain your feelings to the man, avoiding accusations.

More talk, share news, thoughts, feelings. So you will deeply feel and understand each other.

Finally, try to always look great. This not only boosts men's feelings, but is often a cause for concession, condescension on the part of men. In fact, it is very difficult to resist the beauty, react to it is programmed by nature. Under the influence of man can coerce almost anything.

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