How to distinguish pikapera

How to distinguish pikapera
 Pikaper - a man who meets with women not in order to start a serious relationship, but instead he appreciates their only victory. As a rule, after a stormy night, he disappears from your horizon and no longer calls. How to protect yourself from this scenario? To this end, such a person should be able to identify at the stage of dating.
 As a rule, Pickup Girls charming and interesting, so do not lose vigilance. While it may be true that you have this scenario is quite satisfied. In this case, listen to compliments, agree to a meeting and just enjoy the scene. But if you are looking for a promising man who looks forward to a long relationship, some information about how to determine pikapera not hurt.

Pikaper always confident and completely calm. He will not hesitate and falter. If a man does not dare to approach you, but only looking from afar, and when it went up, then almost red, it is unlikely that this sophisticated hunter female attention. This pikaper has a clear scheme, he had checked his techniques on many women feel embarrassed - it's not for him.

Experienced seducer, he always looks great. Clean Shaven, uses toilet water, it tasteful costume. Of course, other men too can look as clean and tidy, so that this feature is not determinative.

Sinister philanderer will not meet with you using classical techniques, he would never say something like "Do not tell what time it is? ". On the contrary, it will give something that greatly surprise and interest you. This technique that really works, and actively use them Pickup Girls. In this case, it will be very confident look, his catchphrase pronounces with a smile, without a trace of embarrassment.

Experienced Pickup Girls behave sometimes very difficult to determine who is in front of you. You can try to check it out. Tell him that you are married or that he is not the kind of man that you like, it is not your style. Pikapera not discouraged by this answer, in any case he will try to tempt you to chalk up another victory. But if a man confused, like any normal person, this is not exactly pick up artist, and you need to be able to replay the situation, telling him that you are joking.

But before you use such a "heavy artillery", just look at him more closely. Pikaper tells you compliments, but the same is heard from him and other women. Look for it. Insincerity easily determine if his smile and think you cold, then there is something wrong. If you are not sure, just tell him, "All right, you pick up artist! ". This will knock him all the usual scenario, he lost, and in these conditions more difficult to control yourself. If he is lying, you will be able to notice it.

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