How not to be confused with love neurosis?

How not to be confused with love neurosis?
 This deep feeling, as love is not always love gives joy and inspires them to beautiful and noble deeds. Sometimes it leads to upset nerves, depression and inappropriate behavior. In such situations, it is important to understand their feelings and determine whether it is love or neurosis and dependence.
 Neurosis is a mental disorder that manifests a temporary decline in mental and physical performance, hysteria and obsessions. This condition is rarely a good life. Most often it is preceded by any conflicts, trauma or prolonged overvoltage emotional sphere of the psyche.

In love relationships are often the cause of neurosis undivided other person feels. In such situations, it may be rejected by the hysteria appear maniacal desire to bring back loved by all available means, sometimes even at the expense of their own health and life. But whether such behavior is a strong love or emotional dependence on another person?

The problem is that, unlike neurosis, love is impossible to give any specific definition, because this feeling does not fit into a certain frame. But here is what is expressed in it, can be defined.

First of all, a loving person thinks not only of his own good, but the good of the beloved. He would never want to cause suffering or injury to whom experiencing true love. In addition, there is no true love in one moment and on the first date. Sympathy - yes, love and even a definite relationship - too. But here's the love must mature, grow and move in a deep sense, but for all this takes time.

True love has a creative force, making love to move forward and evolve for the better. Regardless of whether it be shared by someone else, it gives the strength and will to live. Neurosis, on the contrary, is having a devastating impact on all that surrounds mentally unhealthy person, including on himself. It is expressed as a function and not in freedom, in the desire to inflict pain and subdue any cost. During neurosis person does not notice anything but their own desires and goals.

In the latter case, it is important to see and recognize there is an emotional dependence on another person. And try to understand that this state has nothing to do with such a deep and light feeling, as love.

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