Brutal man: who is he?

Brutal man: who is he?
 Translated from the French "brutal" means cruel. It is unlikely that this is not the best trait mean women when using this expression in relation to men. You need to understand in order to understand the true meaning of these words.
 If you ask the girls what kind of men they prefer, most will tell you that brutal. But this does not mean that they are all well aware of what character qualities men in question. It's no secret that powerful people are able to attract the attention of a lot faster, but the man's strength and brutality - the concept is different. We must learn to distinguish the true confidence of affectedness and cruelty.

Courageous brutal young man to win a woman is not difficult, if in addition it is surrounded by an aura of mystery. And he does not have to come up with such an atmosphere, it appears that due to the vagueness that is inherent serious men who do not have the habit of many chat.

This brutal man would ever think to raise his hand on a woman, which is not the psevdobrutalnyh handsome, the main feature of which is cowardice.

Brutal men behave naturally, without changing their behavior, trying to please anyone. Therefore, parents are often the first acquaintance with the future in-law disapprove of the choice of his daughter. Typically, these guys are terse and do not have the habit of compliments crumble at the first meeting. But over time, their actions speak for themselves, and only narrow-minded people are not able to assess the reliability and kindness of these men.

Brutality is not adjacent to the humiliation and insult. Never reliable man does not offend someone who is weaker or younger - a lot of people who like to show off in front of women. Boastful guy will be the first to throw a girl and run away in the face in a dark alley with a bandit.

Unfortunately, not all girls distinguish these brutal men. Often those who are used to demonstrate the cruelty, consider tough guys, forgiving them of betrayal and brutality. Award for women who blindly believe in pretend play are tears and emotions.

Present brutal men do not need to do anything to prove their strength and masculinity. They can "calculate" the manner of speaking, dress, but most importantly - we must be guided by their deeds and actions.

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