Affair with a divorced man

Affair with a divorced man
 Man b / y, a man second hand - these and other offensive nicknames made "reward" divorced men, that is not only unethical, but also fundamentally wrong. After all, if someone else's family - the darkness, the cause of another's divorce - the more closely guarded secret.

Many girls abhorrent to meet with a man whose biography has already "crowned" a bad marriage, and perhaps even the birth of a child. However, should there be so categorical in such sensitive issues, if today no one is immune from mistakes? And even more so, to put the "cross" for divorced men, as waste materials, highly unreasonable.

Upon learning that a man's life has been the first (and probably the second) marriage, do not panic and mentally betrayed him anathema, to stop all possible communication. Perhaps before you just an example of the universal bad luck or pathological honesty, dictating every adultery finish legal marriage.

Nor should too reprehensible to treat male reluctance to talk about their past failures, because restraint - this is certainly a positive male trait.

But much more serious concerns should call a man who says negative things about his previous girlfriends and wives. In his childish naivete many men, cursing his "former" believe such simple, but utterly pointless way be justified in the eyes of the interlocutor, call it human pity, which, as we know, can be a harbinger of a new love. In fact, to such a fishing rod can catch only a very close and criminally gullible individuals that would not prevent life experience, which, however, can be acquired. Seriousness and subtle sense of a woman such monologues only turn away from the man, so easily story about his personal life and his eyes insulting a woman with whom had lived many as sad and happy days. There is no doubt that after breaking it with the same dejected and mournful expression on his face will be to talk about his new novel Passy.

There is one wise counsel - in their desire to win a divorced man in no way should be based on other people's gossip and conclusions about his character, and think about their prospects with that person, analyzing only their own feelings and a new relationship.

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