27 unusual ways declarations of love

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 Sometimes you want to show that people really expensive, or just talk about their feelings. And it does not necessarily speak any words, to think of speech, which are able to produce much less impressive than surprises, because they are so fond of men.

1. Make a small heart-shaped cookie cutters in a piece of ice and throw him in his glass. And once a week, you can put in the pocket of his jacket, jeans or jacket for candy in a heart shape.

2. Meet him at the airport after a trip.

3. Prepare some food and put it in a container for food quietly into his bag.

4. Play with him in his favorite game, look along with it football or hockey. Offer to go with him in the pool or other place "for men."

5. Sew all torn buttons and sew all torn shirts and pants. Do not tell him that you did it, and let see it myself.

6. Put in a disc with the music player of his favorite music or movie and watch it together.

7. Check that it is nestled blanket.

8. Invite together sunrise or sunset.

9. Offer a ride horses, call it in karting or a picnic.

10. Of the fruit or sugar Put the phrase "I love you" and wait until he will notice and appreciate.

11. Buy him his favorite ice cream, so it has always been in the freezer.

12. Join him during his workout at the gym or a jog.

13. Prepare him a dish that you hate, but he adores.

14. Praise him for a good choice.

15. Kiss the place where it is scratched, or push to this place cheek.

16. Do the housework, which he constantly makes. For example, clean the pipe or mowing lawns.

17. Try not to make his comments.

18. Rouse his gentle kisses Sutra, cook him breakfast.

19. Watch your favorite movie together, along with chips or popcorn.

20. Go with him to a football match or look together uninteresting for you, but for his favorite gear.

21. Learn how to tie a tie and help him with it during an important event.

22. Give him a towel behind the curtain, as soon as he has finished taking a shower.

23. Make him a birthday present, of which he had dreamed all his life. Try to notice any hint of it.

24. Give him pokapriznichat.

25. Make a collage of your joint photo and hang it somewhere in the room or hallway.

26. clung to him as often as possible.

27. Just smile at him, because it does not need a reason.

Take care of their men, give them love. And they will retaliate.

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