20 ways to gain reciprocity in love

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 Everybody loves and all fall in love. But love is not always mutual. Sometimes people live together, but reciprocity in love some of us may not feel or just a love of your life does not appear. Everyone wants to find harmony and be happy. Here are twenty ways to become so.

1. Do not compare a real relationship with the past and pass through the same scenario. Every person is different. And nothing in life is not repeated.

2. Do not forget that thoughts materialize. Will adjust itself to loneliness - and stay with him.

3. If you believe in love - go for it! It all depends on your initiative.

4.Proyavlyat love and defend at the same time will not work!

5. In a relationship where there are two, you must carefully those cases where there is something to give and something to take.

6. If you decide to love, to learn, and not to betray.

7.Razberites their feelings, not missing and questions of psychology. Remember This is important.

8. If you want to love, learn to perform those actions that are not made before.

9.Partnera be respected. Respect - one of the main manifestations of true love.

10.Zapomnite that you - a single unit. Therefore, strive to find harmony and do not overtighten the blanket over himself.

11. In a Relationship originally to be honest with yourself. Deceiving yourself, you are cheating and potential or present partner.

12.Nauchites forgive. Forgiveness - one of the most important qualities that love and appreciate.

13.Do not be compared with his partner to the ideals that you have been waiting for. Any person can make ideal. Most importantly, love.

14. In sex and do not hesitate to give full partner. Forget about the complexes.

15.Razberites in themselves and their desires. Go to that to which you aspire, not paying attention to foreign obstacles.

16.Pridёtsya forget habits that can destroy relationships. For the benefit of present happiness.

17.Zhdite sole that can give you happiness! It is not necessary to waste itself on unworthy partner, until you realize that meet a real lover.

18.Nikogda not despair of finding their ideal! All ahead and come true sooner or later.

19.Hvatit conflict with each other. The man himself determines their behavior and, accordingly, thus adjusts itself to the relevant acts.

20.Do not forget about reciprocity. Support each other in everything.

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