Why did we choose the "wrong" men

Why did we choose the "wrong" men
 When you look at a couple where the man striking a successful handsome, and the woman beside him uninteresting gray mouse, inadvertently pose the question - that he found in it. And when you see a beautiful well-groomed, a successful woman, and next to her unremarkable loser, alcoholic, womanizer or insolent - involuntarily ask yourself - why she needed. After the union with the "type" clearly does not make a woman happy. And asks the comparison "Beauty and the Beast", that's just life monsters do not turn into a handsome prince.

Moreover, the choice of the "wrong" man in a woman's life can be repeated from time to time. Once she finds the strength to break the hopeless, heavy relationship, on the horizon there is another bidder who on closer inspection turns out to be similar to the previous one. Let the first time was an accident, but later - a rule. And it certainly must be overcome - for the sake of their own happiness. To begin, try to analyze what your actions, fears or internal settings attracted to you "wrong" men.

"I am not worthy of it"

Fear of being rejected can go from the childhood. Quite often the mother, trying to educate the daughters of austerity, telling them, "You're not pretty, you're not very smart, you're not very interesting." And those "you do not really, you is not enough," establishes a subconscious girls confidence that it is not worthy of the best that interesting boys / men are not for her.

Even in the case of an attractive man drew the attention of a girl, she begins unconsciously give him signs of cooling of relations, it is currently non-existent and disadvantages and as a result, or pushes him and left alone, or quickly find a replacement for him - a complete opposite, which can it seemed harmless. And begins to suffer from this relationship, as the object is selected at the behest of the heart and of the forced depending on fear.

Look for a positive quality, value your dignity, and remember that you are worthy of love, the best men in the world.

"In zasiditsya maids - no marriage will not take"

Another children's stereotype. This suggestion, which makes zealous mothers to their daughters, often spoils their lives. The girl can not help trying to "not overstay" and instead quietly trying to build their lives as quickly as possible to find a husband. This can result in two undesirable effects. The first is too persistent behavior discourages men, especially in the beginning of a relationship. Second, the girl agrees to the first offer, not really thinking, feelings experienced by a person and what he represents. As a result, after a while family life starts to disappoint and bring only frustration.

Do not be swayed by other people, even if they are your friends. You have your own life - they have their own. Living your life as you see fit.

Low self-esteem, fear of being alone

Another woman's fear. Lack of love and respect for themselves, forcing girls to accept the first offer. But, unfortunately, the lack of self-respect and disrespect generates a partner. Girls, which is very developed fear of loneliness try to do for all the elect, that will only be in their power. At the same time they will tolerate from him disrespect, rudeness, betrayal - and try to justify it. Partner will clearly feel that she will tolerate all, just not to be alone - and will be shamelessly enjoy.

As long as you do not change the attitude to yourself until you learn to love and respect yourself - attitude of others to you also will not change. Remember that you deserve the best and decent interesting man necessarily meet you in life.

Get out of the vicious circle

If you notice that you have no luck with men, try to analyze the situation and understand why this is happening. Ask yourself some questions: "What do I want from life? "" What I want to meet a man? "," Do I want a family or I self-sufficient? "" What is happiness for me? ". Ask all the questions that are important to you and that you are concerned about - and honestly answer them.

If you do not lean to the "Solo Voyage", and for family life - try in every detail to paint a portrait of the ideal man for you, which you'd like to see next to him as her husband and give birth to his children.

Make it as detailed as possible, until the eye color, height, occupation, education, habits, behavior, personality traits and other features. This will help you best understand what type of men you like.

And be sure to - learn to love yourself, respect and appreciate. At first it can be difficult and unusual, but it must be done without fail. Happy, interesting, confident woman will attract into your life the same interesting, decent man. Otherwise simply can not be.

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