What is empathy in sex?

What is empathy in sex?
 Tenderness and sensuality - it is often considered more characteristic of women. But the determination and vigor - men. While in many cases this is not true, but still can not deny the fact that women and men are different. This is very evident in sex, representatives of different sexes sometimes have conflicting sensations from the same caresses. Enjoy sex would be impossible if there were no such thing as empathy.

What is empathy? This property is one person to learn from the experience of another, not just sympathize with them, and to experience the same thing. Sexually, it is shown as follows. A man caressing a woman's body is experiencing the same kick out of it, and that it emits a partner moans and cries of pleasure, and the man from one of these sounds is experiencing almost as much fun as it is. Also, a woman, her partner receives pleasure from certain caresses, and she, making them happy is not less than it.

If two people making love, do not feel empathy, that sex is more like a selfish pulling the blanket over. Everyone wants to have fun, but it deprives his partner. Or does something for a partner, but he remains in the "hurt and marginalized", leaving his own pleasure.

When two people really understand and love each other, empathy is amplified many times over. This mysterious phenomenon probably is the reason that sex with the one man loves with all his heart, brings great pleasure, and with those to whom the person is indifferent, it can feel a simple satisfaction of physical needs. Empathy does not occur only among those people who are associated tender feelings, they just tend to significantly enhance it, causing a much more intense orgasms.

Fully understand how the other person is not possible, yet so empathy is so important. People making love, feel each other, and in this way are erogenous zones and determine how the most active influence on them.

Sometimes a man would be happy to "feel" the partner, but can not. Or thinks that he can not? Erotic Games - this is what is able to correct the situation. A careful and unhurried examination of the erogenous zones of each other, in which it is very important how to relax. The partner of a man who does not show the capacity for empathy, it is necessary to provide full support, will feel it necessary to encourage his attempts to develop a sense of empathy and support experiments in this field.

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