What can replace sex?

What can replace sex?
 In life, sometimes you have to spend a certain time without sex. It may be various reasons. Maybe your favorite went on a long trip, or you had a falling out and do not communicate. Or maybe you do not yet quite a young man, with whom you would like to have sex.

During sex, our body goes through a variety of biochemical processes. Produce hormones that give pleasure and improve mood. All probably heard of a substance that causes a feeling of euphoria. They are also called hormones of happiness. That's why sex is called the best remedy for depression. But what to do if at some point in your life is not possible to regularly have sex?

Not to dwell on this issue, you must replace the sex other occupations that contribute to the development of beneficial hormones.

Firstly, it is necessary to spend more time on the move. Very well engage in any physical activity, swimming pool, gym. This raises not only the level of your hormones, but also your self-esteem, and for the figure will benefit.

Physical exercise can be replaced by dancing. Here, in addition to the above advantages, there is also the expansion of the circle of acquaintances. And maybe, just here and you meet the right one, and your problem is solved lack of sex.

Temporarily replace sex helps intellectual hobbies, which will be even and pleasant pastime. It may be participating in various seminars, competitions, clubs. One need only pick up what you really captivate.

Communication on the Internet is also capable at the time of release of the head of sexual thoughts. You can find their old friends, who had not seen a hundred years to find out how their lives than they do. Just do not get carried away, because the virtual life can not replace real emotions.

Replacement of sex and serves delicious food and sweets. But this is not worth much to overeat tasty. Indeed, after a time, you can see how your size increased by two digits. And then you fall even deeper into depression.
Of course, you can still engage in the construction of his career. It is also very exciting, gives positive emotions, makes money, increases self-sufficiency. Sometimes some so addicted to this process that completely forget about sexual relationships.

In general, the way to replace a lot of sex. Everyone can choose suitable to him, but still, you have to remember that the replacement should only be temporary. It is better to have in your life was all in harmony, and attended by all the joy that is possible to experience.

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