Open relationship: Pros and Cons

Open relationship: Pros and Cons
 The need to open relationship may arise in various situations. Perhaps you have recently experienced a break after a heavy long-term relationship and not yet ready to make new, maybe you and your partner are tired of each other and thus decided to diversify relations. In any case, before agreeing to an open relationship, you should carefully weigh the pros and cons.

What is this open relationship? Under an open relationship refers to a relationship in which men and women have no obligations to each other. They may meet with other people, but sometimes spend time together simply because they together well. Of course, these relations have both positive and negative sides.

The positive aspects include the fact that in an open relationship no one no one should. No one will be ringing ten times a night, trying to figure out where you are, no one will try to control you. No scandals because of flirting and cheating. More precisely, even the very notion of "treason" in an open relationship can not be, because no one owes nothing promised, and therefore no one no change, even if it has a connection with someone else.

No need to think about the future, plan for it, go for some sacrifices for each other. No need to adjust their plans, taking into account the interests of the other party. In general, you can simply enjoy the group activities, unencumbered by unnecessary worries.

However, none of the ointment is not without its fly in the ointment. By cons of free relations can be attributed, primarily, the fact that we are all, after all, the people, and therefore nothing human is alien to us. This means that by being in love with your partner no one is immune. And with an open relationship of the concept of "love" you can forget.

Furthermore, in company with some negative refer to similar relations even in our progressive age. Therefore, in deciding on an open relationship, wait disapproval and lack of understanding from friends and loved ones.
And finally, an open relationship suited only to those who in the near future is not going to acquire a permanent partner or family. Since the hope that the relationship will move from free during normal monogamous, not worth it.

The pros and cons here you can find a lot, so only you can decide what to do.

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