How to stop being afraid of losing a loved one

How to stop being afraid of losing a loved one
 Do you have a loved one. Do you spend much time with him together, walk, talk, go to the movies and dancing. And see how interested look at it the other girls. Do you fear begins to appear that your favorite pay attention to someone else, and you lose it. This fear eats away at you from the inside and can ruin even the most cloudless relations. Therefore, it can and must be fought.

Analyze their fears. You need to take a critical look at the situation and consider whether there is any real reason to doubt the intentions of your chosen one. Perhaps some moments in his behavior suggest you to such thoughts. Or maybe you just is not enough confident.

 Cultivate confidence. Every day, tell yourself that you are a wonderful, smart, beautiful, attractive. And no matter how those or other characteristics correspond to reality. You have to convince yourself that this is the case. It is well known that others perceive you the way you see yourself.

 To establish a trusting relationship with your beloved. Only trust two loving people can make a solid foundation relations. Do not be fooled, even in the little things, try to always keep their promises. Your openness will allow your loved one to trust you and push it to the reciprocal openness. And knowing all that was going on in the soul of a loved one, you do not need to be afraid of a dirty trick on his part.

Do not be afraid to admit their fears favorite. Most likely, it is a few words can dispel them.
Negative attracts negative. Do not let yourself think about the bad.

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