How to return after leaving Man

How to return after leaving Man
 Leave the guy is not so easy. More recently, you felt that in your life, there's love and care, but the day came when all the feelings you have cooled to the guy. And you do not want to put up with it, so you have to look for options, how to get a loved one.
 First of all, you must understand itself. Maybe the reason of leaving the young man lies in you. Make every effort to correct errors.

Do not resume connection if you want only revenge. That is to return ex-partner, and then quit. You do not get satisfaction, but only one negative and the devastation of the soul.

Perhaps the constant quarrels have caused your break. Remember where you have not conceded, did not agree with his desires or were somewhere very rude. Analyze only to "sober" head, do not take hasty decisions.

Often a man disappears without explanation, just runs away. Make sure that the apartment that nothing was missed. The guy who goes this way, just not worthy of your suffering and experiences.

You should not indulge partner, including sexually. Your "ex" will take you to all sex toys, but a relationship based on mutual respect, you do not build. You must gain the reputation of a serious lady, not a wanton woman. And, most likely, you will have the chance to return a loved one.

The first time after breaking up is not to shower him with gifts, emails and SMS messages as an apology. You associate with negative emotions after separation. He needs to cool down and stay a little time alone, and you too.

The main thing - do not despair. Do not just think about it, find something to do interesting. You can go on any courses, take a trip. Begin to learn, get another job.

Maybe the whole thing is in your appearance. Change the hairstyle and wardrobe change. Young people should notice your personality, charm and intelligence.

Collect information about it. What does he do, if found with mutual friends. Maybe he has a new girlfriend. All such information will be useful in the future.

Make it so that men came to information about you. For example, how great you with another partner (even if it invented). Work instinct of competition, and most likely, the young man wants to come back.

Connect his mother. Perhaps if she has a certain influence on his son, her entreaties can act.

Get to know his new girlfriend. This will help control the situation. You can see his former lover as often as his passion. If you behave properly and not to show their plans, they soon get rid of it.

Make sure that your chosen he decided to come back. Do not hide their feelings towards him, however, and do not hang around the neck. Behave with dignity. Do not need to live with one expectation that he will return. Maybe fate in store for you anything else?

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