How to leave

How to leave
 Sometimes it happens that the relationship in a pair of completely come to a standstill. Should not continue to torment each other, because every situation there is always a way out. We are talking about the separation. As hard as it may be, but most relationships end it in this way. It does not matter whether the couple met recently, or is already married men, the gap is always bring great pain.  

Part can be different. But even such a sad event can be quite Beat peacefully and friendly. Of course, if separation occurs due to heavy - assault, adultery, abuse, betrayal, then suck it up and continue to treat the person well is unlikely to be possible. Right to end the relationship and can not mutually each pair, it needs to learn patience and understanding.

The first thing to let go of all thoughts related to the partner. If you do not live together, it will make it much easier, because the place where you live permanently, not so much resemble the break how to create a cozy family nest together. Remove all gifts, pictures and other things that will remind you of a former lover (lover). Hide or burn the love letters and notes, remove SMS and emails with email. Releasing person in my mind, it will be easier to make and physically.

It is not necessary to remember each other old grudges. When talking only remember all the good that connects you throughout the time that you spent together. If you want to leave in an amicable way, spend the last romantic dinner or even a farewell night of love. This will set you on a good footing. For now the new life ahead.

To make it easier to survive the end of the relationship, do not need to withdraw into themselves, to sit at home and afraid to show others. A new hobby or love - the best panacea for the treatment of deep emotional wounds inflicted parting. The faster you can switch, the better for you. Now you are alone and all joint business with a former partner in the past. Life does not stop there. Who knows, maybe tomorrow you will meet your true love, which spend their entire lives to the end?

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