How to improve relations after a row

How to improve relations after a row
 After a quarrel is always very difficult to return to the previous relationship. Still remain bitter and painful memories. This is especially true of individuals sensitive and a little sad "for life." However, this case is not hopeless, and you can try to improve relations after a quarrel.
 Start with a recognition of the fact that the quarrel - it is an inevitable component of any relationship. Absolutely never swear the only people who are completely indifferent to each other. You do not want to indifference in the family? So, do not worry because of a quarrel too much. In addition, if you perceive conflict as an event of global importance, your mood and setting transferred to the partner - and you will be much more difficult to correct the situation. So after removing the initial stress is necessary to unwind that it became easier for the soul. Go to the store, or beautiful clothes in a cozy cafe, where you can meditate over a cup of coffee and a first-class ease the suffering. Just avoid alcohol. And after a session of relaxation you will be much easier to think about what happened.

The quarrel is an excellent opportunity to think about your relationship, why they are important to you and what you are willing to do for your loved one. Think about what it usually is comforting. This can be great food, a kiss or a hot sex. Come up with something original, for example, bake a cake, decorated with a crying little man and the word "sorry". Can be expanded throughout the house notes that you love a person and why he'll roads. Be prepared to talk, because all problems can be solved only in the process of communication.

Then proceed to action. If your partner a high demand for sex, that is, he needs it more than 3-4 times a week, you can use the method of sexual provocation. Just suddenly come up and glare at her lips with a kiss. Most likely, the partner will not resist the temptation. And then say that you could not think of anything better. If the need for sex is not so great, it is necessary to solve the problem through dialogue. Say what you will deeply regret what was done and I realized that you alone is very difficult, and say, "let's make it up." Most likely, you will meet, especially if you have a good think about what to say about your relationship and their values.

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