How to get rid of the annoying fan?

How to get rid of the annoying fan?
 Every girl, unless she avid feminist, dreams of finding his one and only man and be forever in his arms. Unfortunately, the path to happiness is often long and difficult, and not a representative of the stronger sex, which is found in a woman's life, corresponds to its ideal. Certainly, most of the girls remember one or more fans, from which it was fit to take his feet. How better to get rid of pesky suitors?

Of course, to get started is to divide the concept of "annoying fan" to "annoying former" and "unsympathetic stranger." If you can operate a second radical methods, it is necessary to tinker with the first, as in the time while you were together with him, you've probably gained a sense of responsibility for each other.

So, if you decide to break up with a guy, but he did not want to part with you, you must keep in mind a few points. Firstly, it is necessary to leave aside women's compliance and compassionate and categorically declare their intentions. We should not repeat the man about his shortcomings, as the reason for breaking up - he immediately notifies you that will be corrected, and begin to prove it to you at every opportunity. Better contrast, inspires him the idea that he is a real macho, easily survive separation from you soon and be comforted in the other arms.

You should not pay due attention to the statements that he would not survive the separation. If every star-crossed lovers really died of a broken heart, the world population would be much less today. So if your fan more than 16 years, and he is not prone to excessive romanticism, rest assured - his reason will prevail over emotion.

In no event shall not accept gifts from a former lover. This - the best way to corrupt you and to win. If you take a bunch of flowers or a small gift, you give her rejected suitor hope of reconciliation, and to encourage it to new actions against you.

Do not ask for help to a former boyfriend, even if he offers it himself and free of charge. Repair laptop or a trip with you in the showroom in fact - the same bribe. In addition, as a polite person, you will also need to respond to ever request men.

Do not go on concessions not answer his calls, do not settle for gatherings in cafes. It is better to "chop off" all contacts at least the first time. Remember that some tend to think of as a favor even a simple conversation.

Do not be afraid to ask for help to the police if molestation former suitor goes beyond the limits, and you have to fear for their lives or health.

As if trying to take care of you unfamiliar stranger, and you do not like, sharply and immediately explain to him that you do not intend to start any relationship with him. Just as in the first case, do not let a man no hope or reason to think that it may be interesting to you. Do not be afraid to be categorical and do not be afraid to offend the annoying stranger - you do not accept any responsibility for his feelings, but to you they are extremely unpleasant. A wonderful tool to get rid of this fan - come with another man (preferably a strong and attractive). If you do not have a boyfriend, asked to speak in this role, a friend or relative.

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