How to get rid of the fear of communicating with men

How to get rid of the fear of communicating with men
 The fear that you experience when dealing with other people - a consequence of improper upbringing and those complexes that have been vaccinated in childhood you. If an early age you do not learn to love yourself, then you become an adult, subconsciously afraid to talk because they expect from the interlocutor hostility and ridicule. Especially if you are afraid to communicate with the opposite sex, expecting men straight rudeness and lack of tact, which is more characteristic of women.
 You must understand that the fear of communication is not evidence of your modesty and high moral beliefs. This is a disadvantage, which must be combated, and the brake on your life's journey. You really need to get rid of the fear of communicating with men, if you want to become an equal and full-fledged member of the working team or a friendly company. Fear - is self-doubt, his human appeal, his strength and his mind. Showing it, you just hang on themselves a sign: "I - defective personality! ".

Be aware of your own is a fault. Start eradicate it in myself. If you're not thinking about yourself and always an unhappy, it does not mean that others think of you, too bad. Your flaws are most often imaginary, and no one except you, not noticeable. Stop to attribute other people thought, they do not have.

In fact, most people are concerned about themselves and their business. From what the other person is not listening to you very carefully, one should not conclude: "He thinks I'm talking nonsense." Rather, he is concerned about some of his problem, which does not allow him to concentrate. Do not panic: "Oh, I have a bad haircut or I look bad! "Just because a colleague ran past, barely greeting - just had that something was wrong, and he had to hurry.

Do you not know that in fact think about you around men, and think it at all. Therefore, there is no point in your mental anguish and your fear. He makes you miserable and ugly, understand it and begin to instill confidence in myself own beauty, intelligence and abilities. Tell yourself that you do not care what people think of you around, the main thing - what you really are. And in fact, you - a wonderful person and an interesting conversationalist.

Begin to talk as if it does not inspire you no fear and enjoy. Worked through mutual communication skills in neutral situations - sitting in a taxi, trading in the market, explaining the seller, what style of dress you want. Overcome fear, at first it will be difficult, but later you will understand that nothing terrible happens - most people are inherently benevolent and enjoy communication with each other.

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