How to get a man back

How to get a man back
 It seems to be all you had wonderful. Girlfriends jealous of your happiness, my mother secretly dreamed of grandchildren, and you viewed styles of wedding dresses in women's magazine. And suddenly your favorite decided to leave. Treason this fault or simply his feelings cooled down - but hurt you more than ever. A single desire - to return a loved back. If you decide to return the man in that no matter what - we must act.
 Work on the bugs.

First of all, analyze the reasons why your man decided to part. Think of everything that did not suit him in your relationship. Think about what he was unhappy, and that it caused irritation. You may have to change much in themselves and their environment. And at the same time weigh, and whether the return of the former favorite of all of effort.

Do not exert pressure on the pity

Even the formidable and stern-looking man is often a tender heart. And your guy - very affectionate, responsive and responsible. Since you know something for sure. But do not put pressure on his sense of duty and call out to be kind. Tell it not in color as you are helpless without him. Position of injured victims sometimes gives off. Feelings of guilt may lead man back into your home. But for how long he will remain there? It is unlikely that you will be happy in the knowledge that you live because of pity.

Maintain friendly relations

In no case did not devote friends and relatives all the details of your break. Especially if the parting was not the most beautiful. Do not describe, what is your favorite villain. Believe me, these words very quickly to reach him. Try to maintain a good relationship former lover. Chatted with him on the phone or communicate in social networks on neutral topics. Do not refuse to help, if he asks. Be at the meeting friendly and calm. Show him that you are a strong and balanced woman, and in your heart there is anger and bitterness. If a man has decided to part with you in a temper, the return will not have to wait long.

Take care of yourself

In parting with a man, there is one definite plus. There is a lot of free time. Take this time not to wail and tears over his photograph, and a favorite. Sign up finally in the fitness center, dreamed about, but decides to go, as the evening hurry home to cook dinner favorite. Make a haircut, which has long wanted, but did not allow themselves due to the fact that your boyfriend prefers girls with long hair. If possible, go with a friend on the international resort. Is it possible to travel one and plunge into a completely different life. Back out beautiful, quiet and mysterious. And you have to think not about how to get the guy. And that, is it really you need it.

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