How to check a man's feelings

How to check a man's feelings
 Being in a relationship with a man, a woman periodically thinks about whether it makes sense to continue the novel and what the prospects for this union. With the desires of women is clear - she wants to get married, start a family, have children, that is, aimed at long-term relationship. And before you make a decision, it is necessary to check the man's feelings.
 On how the same two partners perceive each other, depend on their future relations. There are cases when a woman set to marry, and the man just a good time, and vice versa. To understand the true attitude of men who try to make him jealous of you - and flirting with another man in his presence and evaluate the response of a loved one. Man, you are indifferent, will not make a scene of jealousy or something else to show their concern - it is indifferent, and may not even notice your efforts.

The man who perceives you as a future mother of his children, will always and everywhere to show their respect and care - he listens carefully to you, give advice, throws all cases, if you feel bad, etc. A loving partner will show their feelings even in small things - kiss you in the morning and before going to work, to write delicate SMSes and e-mails with the obligatory postscript ("whole", "miss", "love", etc. ).

The degree of openness between you can also become a significant - if the man opened before you, talked about his past hobbies, especially those who have left a trace in his soul, he trusts you, open and sincere.

If your friend introduced you to family and friends, then rest assured - his intentions towards you the most serious. Men appreciate the opinion of friends and loved ones, and an invitation to a party together can be considered a public declaration of love - so he positions you as a real couple.

Often a woman's opinion is rather subjective, simply put, a woman in love can see something and there is no trace. Ask your girlfriends and friends, organize a double date with the aim of finding out how your relationship look the part - how considerate man, how much do you have in common, etc.

Notice how quickly and accurately a man fulfills your request - ask him about something that takes a lot of time (to record a CD with your favorite music, make a selection of movies, etc.). If a person is willing to spend on you his spare time, this is a good sign - he "hears" you, cares and remembers their obligations and promises made to you.

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