How nice to get away from the guy

How nice to get away from the guy
 Now, many people meet and part in real life is as simple as social networks. And do not think about how can respond to your care the other person. But, unfortunately, often relations give a crack. You understand that you have with a man nothing left. Nice to get away from the man may be called and options set.
 How to behave in such a case? If you decide to still nice to get rid of the guy, then do it as calmly as possible and in a romantic setting, because you do not want grand quarrels. The girl should be spectacular in every situation, and the gap with the favorite - is no exception. But in fact, in the end, it all ends mutual insults. But try to leave without scandal can.

If your young man from the social network, you can write an e-mail that your relationship must be stopped. Write your words into beautiful verses that you do not deserve that he should find another girl to talk. After all, a lot of information on the Internet.

In the search query, specify combinations of words such as poems about love or sad parting. At the end of the message do not forget to add a crying smiley. And all this can be arranged on a virtual postcard. Man still ask more of you do not bother and do not write letters.

Send a text message, if you are afraid of open discussion. This message can also come up in verse. If the explanations you still can not be avoided, then proceed differently.

Arrange a romantic evening for the upcoming talks to create an atmosphere of mutual understanding and trust. Wear nice clothes and move your beautiful makeup. Book a table at a restaurant or a cozy cafe. You can still go to a movie or book passage on a luxury limousine.

Select the countryside. Invent something for yourself. The main thing is that your young man was under a good impression. Then start talking at once with the words of parting. Then proceed to the situation. The guy can be closed, or start asking a lot of questions, or just leave. His actions can not be predicted. But you have to be sensible and not lose a sense of self-control.

Suggest a man to remain friends. Many men just like insults. But if all goes well, you will be able to communicate in the future.

Do not try to return the gifts that you gave the guy. It is an insult not only to you but also humiliates him. You can give it to someone else, but not in the presence of former men.

Required (if possible) tell a guy that you've been very happy with it and will remember only the good things that bind you. However, do not rush immediately sever relations: perhaps he is the right person for you.

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