How can I tell if he loves more

How can I tell if he loves more
 Often romantic relationships turn into an all-consuming passion, during which women are convinced that their chosen truly loves. But after some time the relationship becomes flat and smooth, from a stormy passion and passionate declarations of love is not a trace remains. At this point, the woman is so important to understand if he loves another, and whether to continue an established relationship with the elect.
 If ardor in the relationship with the elect is long gone, his behavior towards you becoming commonplace, and with a joint campaign in your favorite movie goes to a football match, it is possible to doubt the love of your partner. At this point, you need to answer the question myself, whether he loves you more, or relationships with loved ones become obsolete, and chosen you lost interest.

People who have long together, experiencing very different feelings about each other than, for example, a married couple, their relationship flow in a different direction, marred by a joint decision of household problems. Even if a man is almost no outward signs of love, gives you luxury bouquets and symbolic gifts only twice a year - our birthday party and the International Women's Day, it's not a direct indication of the lack of feeling on his part.

Often men after wedding wife already considered more as a property that is here to stay away from him, and therefore allow themselves to avoid various romantic surprises. On the expression of love by a spouse often communicate and problems - financial troubles, fatigue, domestic troubles, because of which the spouse is no time to take care of his wife.

Understand whether she loved, a woman can thanks to his intuition and other characteristics, analyze the relationship to her husband and his behavior. The main symptoms of love - it is indifferent, the desire to take on the challenges of the beloved, help her and efficient by word and deed. If a man really loves, he come running in any difficult moment for you, in case of illness will feel sorry for you, bring medicines, care, will take over part of the family's affairs. But often, even if the husband loves you, just as in bygone wedding day, work issues can take much more of his thoughts than your beloved wife.

To understand the feelings experienced a loved one in relation to his wife, it is possible to analyze calls and SMS. If a man still has feelings, he will find time to call you from work at least once a day, just to learn about business, state of health, the problems children. But calls home every half hour show rather than the infinite love, and of jealousy and selfishness, this man is interesting not so much the wife as her occupation. Often, such a measure is an attempt to hide her husband some of his adventures.

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