Everything about the psychology of bisexual

Everything about the psychology of bisexual
 Bisexuality - is one of the variants of sexual orientation, when a person experiences an emotional, romantic, erotic or platonic attraction to her as well as the opposite sex. Many of this definition does not dry enough information to understand who are bisexual, they become so, and what do they want from life.  

Psychological bisexuality even Sigmund Freud described in his writings. After initially a little child is inherent in both male and female. Nobody requires year-old boy did not cry, because he is a man, and light green unitard with an elephant suit both boy and girl. For a child there is no male and female - have only one. And his love is directed, first of all, himself. And then the child begins to internalize norms of behavior and interests inherent in his biological sex. Many of these standards are not fully digested. Hence, the obtained energetic girl, sophisticated guys and the variety of characters that exist in society. All of this - a manifestation of psychological bisexuality.

Psychologically - sexy bisexuality - this is the case when a person attracted to people of both sexes as a sexual object. Scientists for decades investigating this issue and recently, for example, concluded that male bisexuality does not exist. To install this fact, they sat bisexual men view heterosexual and gay porn and recorded their degree of arousal. According to the study, each man gave a clear preference to any floor. But the women, according to these scientists, bisexual by nature and may have the same desire as his, and the opposite sex.

Bisexuality can manifest itself in different ways. Very rarely, when a person is simultaneously like both men and women. Most often in different periods of life has different preferences. Bisexual people can cover up their homosexuality, hiding from condemnation. In the end, the person may be in search of himself, his sexuality and his love. The main thing - remember that everyone is different, and that they are amazing, and every person is worthy of respect, regardless of their orientation.

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