Casual Sex: pros and cons

Casual Sex: pros and cons
 Many women come to life when the heart is free, but the physical need for intimacy demands satisfaction. Output in this case may be a sexual relationship without commitment. Such relationships are also often arise because of curiosity or simply by accident. In any case, sex without commitment - a phenomenon quite controversial, which has both pluses and minuses.

Women with mild temperament, it is usually easier experiencing lack of intimacy than the ladies with an increased sexual appetite. Without regular sexual satisfaction in women with violent temperament may develop various neuroses or even be some gynecological problems. Therefore, for these ladies idea of ​​sex without commitment with a pleasant man, of course, justified and very relevant.

Some women casual sex can significantly raise self-esteem. Due to this attitude, the lady feels welcome and free from prejudice. Sometimes casual sex is just a good way to gain experience. And some of the women simply terrible start a serious relationship for fear of painful separation.

Another feature of sex without commitment is the lack of love relationships related issues, such as walking, dining in restaurants, etc. This feature is very appealing to busy career women who want to receive regular sexual discharge, without spending time on anything else.

Naturally, in addition to all of these positive aspects have sex without commitment, there are downsides. Firstly, such a relationship is always temporary. Second, not all women can have an orgasm without feelings towards sexual partner. Third, even the most liberated woman deep down it is difficult to fully accept the position that a man other than her sex from nothing. Fourth, with the help of sex without commitment, you can get physical satisfaction, but the emotions accompanying the intimate relationship of love, it will be missed.

But the biggest drawback of sex without commitment is the probability that a woman will begin to experience a sexual partner feelings. Well, if it's mutual. Otherwise, such a relationship only cause unnecessary pain and great disappointment.

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