Women's secrets: sexual signals

Women's secrets: sexual signals
 Women are arranged so they do not like to speak directly about their desires. So they are raised. Very often men it is confusing, because if he said something, it means that he really thinks so. And if a man says he wants you - believe me, it is not disingenuous, and if he said he was not ready to have sex, then it is. Women are often embarrassed to declare out loud about their desires.

Sometimes a woman's hard to say - "Be gentle with me, or rude, or just give me a hug and caress." But the experienced man should be able to perceive the non-verbal signals that sends him a woman. Words can be misleading, but there are signs by which it is easy to guess what it really wants a woman.

If you see a woman with black lace underwear, stockings with garters, high heels, and feel the heavy scent of sensual perfume, it means that your favorite wants a bright passionate sex in which she will probably dominate, because it knows exactly what he wants.

She wants to be domineering and active, looking to you the same active passionate action. In this case, be a real man, imagine that you are James Bond, because it is such a daring, skillful and ardent lover now wants to see your partner in the bedroom. Do not disappoint her.

Gentle white linen, with delicate lace and embroidery indicates that women today want to be treated like a queen inaccessible cold, sought careful caresses, melted the ice of the Snow Queen sensual long kiss. You should not go for it at once: begin with a soft attack, because the white color - the color bashful purity of the bride. Warming up your partner restrained passion, you'll get a great night.

If you see a woman in lingerie merry cell or peas, with drawings and bows, perhaps it says that she wants to fool around a bit. Here are permissible jokes and chatter, funny nicknames, and maybe even a little baby talk and babble another love. If she wants to play a little girl, take her so much pleasure, be it a seducer.

Well, if it is in a warm cozy flannel robe and toes pressed against you, it is likely she wants affection, sweet kisses or a relaxing home sex without much fervor and experiments. She just wants to feel protected and tenderness.

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